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From concept to final delivery of very high quality interiors projects Aestethics research strictly connected with client's goals.

  • Thirty years experience on the international market, pursuing an aestheticl research always connected with client’s requirements.Deep knowledge of techniques and styles
  • Unicity of each intervention. Experience and know how accompanied by innovation and creativity in subjects and techniques.
  • Method and efficiency to carry out complex projects of large dimensions, employing  a team of specialized workforce, artisans, artists and professionals
  • Strict observation of criteria imposed by construction site requirements, by method of work chosen by project managers and client’s requests.

Realization phases of a project of high mural decoration

Continuos cohordination with architects requirements and project managers.


Preliminary meeting with clients and project managers. Definition of type of intervention, timeline, method, cohordination with other firms.

Concept definition

Submission of a comprehensive project , designing scale sketches, sampling in 1:1 scale, cohordination with interiors refurbishing and decoration, choice of techniques and materials, color sampling.


On site or in studio realization within the timeline agreed

Final testing

Detail finishing


Ordinay and extraordinary periodical maintenance. Offer of an after sale assistance package for retouching, reparations and restyling.


Guaranteed reliability of materials and techniques

Preliminary sketches samples

Before starting a work, a series of hand-painted watercolors are presented to illustrate the project. Next, along with the quote, a 1: 1 scale sample of colors, materials and decorations is proposed.