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Alfonso Orombelli: decoratore, artigiano e artista
Made in Italy

Artist, artisan and decorator of the highest level, in activity since 1987

He worked around the world with projects of various dimensions, always infunding his unconditional love for beauty in his work and renewing his production, without repeating himself.

His art work is unique in its subjects, inspiration and technique. A continuous research of quality, innovation and harmonious aestethical forms.

My work
  • Mural Painting
  • Winter Gardens
  • Finishes and Materials
  • Restaurations
  • Interiors Decoration
The Team

A team of professional artisans

During the years, built a group of professional artisans who work as a well established and well knit team who help him in executing large projects.

It is a team in which each subjet pours his specific know how, in order to offer the client a final result of the highest quality.

Decorazione murale Alfonso Orombelli
Il Team di Alfonso Orombelli
Alfonso Orombelli decoratore: la Squadra
Alfonso Orombelli decoratore: lo Staff
La squadra di Alfonso Orombelli decoratore

ONLUS Niñas de Luz Foundation

Alfonso Orombelli supports the Colombian Foundation Niñas de Luz evolving part of the proceeds of any work or project of mural decoration.

The Niñas de Luz Foundation assists and guarantees the development of girls between the ages of 10 and 17 in vulnerable situations, using education as a motor of social transformation.